"Blueprint" T-Shirt


Ultra soft, cotton t-shirt in light grey.  The shirt carries the 100th Anniversary logo on the upper left chest with the text "The Guts to Try".  On the back, is a DeHaviland DH-4 blueprint with a CV-22 protruding from it.  Along the bottom is an MC-130E, B-25 and a B-57


                                    $20 Each

     We are placing one more order for 100th Anniversary memorabilia.  If There is something you would like, please order it now.  The order will be placed on Monday, the 21st of August.  Once this order is gone, we will not be ordering more, so please make sure you get yours now.  


      Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with at  




                     "100 Years of Blackbirds" Winged T-shirt

                       Ultra soft cotton shirt in Charcoal Grey

                                                         $20 Each

                        100th Anniversary Coin


     The front contains the 100th Anniversary patch.  The back features 5 of the most significant aircraft from the 8th SOS inventory.  These are the DH-4 Liberty, B-25 Mitchell,    B-57 Canberra, MC-130E Combat Talon and the current aircraft, the CV-22 Osprey.  The back also features the inscription: 

                           "THE GUTS TO TRY"


                                      $15 Each

                    "The Guts to Try" Polo


Ultra soft, moisture wicking polo in charcoal grey.  The polo carries the 100th Anniversary Blackbird logo on the upper left chest with the text "The Guts to Try"


                                    $35 Each

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